Monday, January 04, 2021

Mug Shot Monday


I watched more than my share of true-crime television during my latest staycation. (I just discovered the riveting ID series "Evil Lives Here," which instead of profiling criminals takes a look at their families and other people affected by them.*) But it was the staple "Dateline: NBC" that led me to these three mug shot hotties, No. 2 of whom was a married-with-children professional poker player who had 30 girlfriends and slaughtered his parents for inheritance money to fund his lifestyle.

*Has anyone seen the one about the woman with four young daughters who let the guy convicted of raping a 6-month-old move in with her??? I am very much against blaming the victim, but what the f**k was that?????? And a little digging around shows that they don't even mention that after her abuser was finally out of the picture, her new boyfriend murdered the baby she'd had with the infant rapist!

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Steve said...

We love "See No Evil." After watching "Murder Comes to Town" and "The Lake Erie Murders" we decided no matter what, we are never moving to the midwest. Especially near Lake Erie.