Friday, November 27, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Ask the Angels' by the Patti Smith Group

 I've always been a casual Patti Smith fan -- only bought "Horses" and "Easter" and read "Just Kids" -- but may need to reconsider my stance after watching the "Rock Legends" episode about her on AXSTV during which I realized I like a lot more of her music than I realized, including "Frederick," "Ask the Angels," "Glitter in Their Eyes," "People Have the Power" and this masterpiece from 1975's "Radio Ethiopia." 


Gian said...

I would have taken you for a fan of hers all along, I invite you to seek out my favorite song of hers, "Up There Down There", which includes the truly awesome line, "Hey man, don't breathe on my feet".

Blobby said...

the live version of 'Frederick' which was the b-side of the 'Frederick' single is still one of the best things ever. obviously i no longer have the vinyl (or the means to play it if I did). I did find multiple bootleg live versions, but none as good as that b-side version.