Monday, November 09, 2020

Remains of the Day (11/19)

 Our long national nightmare is ALMOST over 

Liars till the bitter end 

Why aren’t any of Biden’s offspring or their significant others on this list

This would have seemed unnecessary if not for McConnell's latest SCOTUS grab 

College journalism classes will be taught about this some day

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Note to NYT and others media outlets: Unless you want to do an exposé on white nationalism, stop with the articles analyzing Trump supporters' deepest hopes and fears 

Because it's NOT just a few bad apples 

A) It doesn't matter if he concedes; B) Sounds good to me 

If this doesn't get Georgians out to vote then nothing will 

Trashes our democracy ... against 


Sweet thread from "The Daily Show" co-creator  

Fashion foward 

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