Monday, November 16, 2020

Remains of the Day (11/16)

Note to my journalist friends who have power 

Does Stephen know? 

 This is where we are

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Has she gotten one thing wrong yet? 

No thanks 

I actually teared up reading this. No one should have to go through this 

Brace yourselves 

As a member of the media I hate to rail against it, but ... 

See previous comment 

I have tickets to Phoenix for Thanksgiving that I bought when the virus seemed to be somewhat under control. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing my mom -- and she's not doing well -- but with the vaccine seeming imminent, I've decided it makes sense to postpone the trip for the safety off everyone concerned. (My mom was actually happy -- so it turns out my coming was causing more stress than joy!)

Yes, but I think it goes deeper than that. 70M people were willing to forfeit democracy just so they could say the N-word with impunity yet somehow I roll my eyes about nonbinaries and pronouns without voting for a fascist. Not sure the far left is to blame for the right’s disproportionate response. 

Are you ready for the longest 65 days of your life?

Craig Chester hits the nail on the head, and it scares me to death. How do we function as a democracy when something like 40% of the public, perhaps higher, is no longer operating in reality? Below I share a post by a childhood friend of mine. He's what I call part of the "too clever by half" crowd -- not dumb enough to fall for Trump but not smart enough to realize the Democratic Party is your only other option. He's gone from being an "independent" to a full-on conspiracy theorist, whose posts read like they were the desired outcome from Russia's disinformation campaign in 2016. Get enough people to believe you can't believe anything and this is where you wind up -- a very frightening and dangerous place. As urgent as climate change is, I'm beginning to think the planet may actually collapse under the weight of its inhabitants' own stupidity first.

Case in point, below:


This is an actual profile in the Washington Post. Maybe China was on to something with its re-education camps ... only ours would be education camps.

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