Monday, November 23, 2020

Mug Shot Monday

While going through old blog posts I was reminded that football player Colt Brennan was a former fascination of mine -- and naturally some readers gave me a hard time about it because he was a SEX OFFENDER

As Wikipedia recounts, Brennan, while playing at the University of Colorado in 2004, reportedly entered the dorm room of a female CU student, uninvited, and, according to the victim, "exposed himself and fondled her," a charge Brennan denied. Brennan, who was intoxicated at the time of the incident, was arrested and eventually convicted of felony burglary and trespassing (serving one week in jail along with probation until he graduated from college), but a guilty verdict for unlawful sexual contact was vacated by the court for lack of evidence. Brennan was court ordered to take a polygraph test about the incident and passed. 

Brennan later played for a junior college in Orange County, Calif., and then the University of Hawaii, before a brief pro career that ended after he suffered a brain injury (in a car accident, ironically).

So often you hear people parents and school officials say they "don't want to ruin" the lives of young men accused of sex crimes -- never mind that the victims' lives are often ruined or at least irrevocably scarred or altered.  So it got me wondering if Brennan really had been one of those phantom "kids who made a mistake drunk" back in college -- and sure enough I found he had been arrested several more times including THIS SUMMER. While I don't see any allegations of other sex crimes -- thank God -- it does sound like drug and alcohol problems have plagued him his entire life, which makes you wonder if he ever got the right "punishment" -- i.e., treatment -- at all. 

During a brief stint in Washington 


JP Aragon said...

A good looking jock but he does need some sore of addiction treatment before he end up dead

gemit2000 said...

not even that seemed to keep him from the path you predicted