Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Biden Our Time

Well, we sure didn't get the landslide we dreamed of. We wanted to believe that people would see the error of their ways, but instead we now know for a fact that more than 40% of this country is truly deplorable. (You might be able to forgive low-information voters for taking a chance on a political novice once, but not after what they've seen these past four years.) So far, we have flipped Arizona and the 2nd District of Nebraska and still haven't lost a thing we *had* to win -- and Georgia is suddenly back in play. Hang tight, and pray that Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania come through. A rebuke is what I was hoping for, but I will settle for giving them a taste of their own narrow medicine. Goodnight. xo


As predicted, this is going to get really ugly. And people wonder why we call him and his supporters deplorable -- they don't believe in democracy. Such a sad day for the U.S.

Even Arizona's GOP governor understands what's going on here. This isn't a Bush v. Gore re-count -- this is a COUNT.

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