Friday, October 09, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/09)

Tell me again how there is no cause and effect between Donny's rhetoric dometic terrorism? 

Gretchen Whitmer: I will hold the president accountable for endangering and dividing America 

A doctor weighs in on what steroids might be doing to Donny's pea brain 

I want this book! 

So now the Gray Lady thinks he may have illegally financed his 2016 campaign with a secret loan that potentially exceeded legal limits. (How I never want to hear another word about this person again.)

They don't make 'em like they used to ... 

So he won't debate unless there's a(nother) chance of infecting Biden? Got it. 

He's not running against Biden -- he's running against democracy 

Hello, Newman

This would be a lot more exciting if I thought Nole had more than a 5% of winning 

If you’ve noticed an uptick of male frontal nudity in TV and in movies in recent years, you’re onto something. 

Reminder: Just 25 days left ... what's YOUR voting plan?


J Prof said...

I'm a Nadal fan, but I think Djokovic will win if he's more or less 100% fine physically.

JP Aragon said...

Bakula was hot when he was young he is still hot now

JP Aragon said...

Nadal has awesome arms

Rix said...

Game of Thrones used to have a lot of full frontal but then Butters from South Park went on about how they would be engaged in adult fun time then be shown flaccid immediately after pulling out. The next season significantly fewer sightings.