Thursday, October 08, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/08)

The speaker is wise to do this -- it's not safe for someone so unstable to have control of the world's most powerful military let alone the nuclear codes 

Longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy charged with acting as a foreign agent, is likely to plead guilty 

Lunatic upset he can't infect more innocent bystanders 

FBI says Michigan anti-government group plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Whitmer rightly calls Donny 'complicit' after feds reveal thwarted plot to kidnap her, overthrow government 

He's never met a Gold Star family he wasn't willing to shit all over 

Lunatic's antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from an abortion. His administration has looked to curtail research with fetal cells. But when it was life or death for the president, no one objected. 

Is pink eye a symptom of Covid-19? 

In fairness, it's hard to 'unite' with people who believe the government is being controlled by blood-drinking pedophiles  

Stephen Miller's wife who had virus mocks Harris over plexiglass at debate 

Move over, Al Jolson! 

He's such a good "dealmaker"  

Judge dismisses Trump campaign challenge to Nevada mail-in voting law 

As long as you're not hiding anything ... 

He is desperate, so ‘Obamagate’ is back. But it still makes no sense. 

Mentally ill candidate lashes out against someone not running in election

Sofia Kenin to play teenager Iga Swiatek in final 

Can this nation survive 26 more days till we vote?

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