Thursday, October 01, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/01)

Texas governor to close mail-in ballot drop-off boxes, limiting one per county 

Might something good come out of this sickening endorsement of racists? 

Former Montana GOP governor and GOP chairman Marc Racicot voting for Biden 

Fox News' John Roberts tears into Trump defenders over white supremacy comments 

¡Hey, Esai! 

Church hate story takes surprise twist 

Even if Good defeats Evil next month, will we ever truly be able to bounce back from this? 

Because it's never enough for Democrats to just win the hearts and minds of voters 

Not unlike Donny, Martha McSally is no longer running against her opponent but instead democracy 

Amazon pulling merchandise from site that says 'stand back' and 'stand by' 

Dangers of the lame duck 

Reminder: 33 days, people. 33 days.

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joepelpro said...

Esai Morales was one hot muchacho he has aged into a handsome hombre