Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Imagination' by Helen Reddy


Looks like it's time to update my list of "when new wave happened" to artists in the 1980s.

My friend Christopher writes:

Did you know that in a last ditch effort to revive Helen Reddy’s career in 1983, they tried to make her sound like Debbie?

The reason Helen came up was that we watched the "I Am Woman" biopic, which was lame but the unknown star was good. She didn't lip sync to Helen's tracks and it sounded like her, so we were impressed. Then I learned she was lip syncing to someone else doing a Helen imitation. Less impressive. But Helen's real life granddaughter performs this in the movie.
To me it sounded more like Kathy Valentine's solo material -- then I realized Kathy reminds me of, you guessed it, solo Debbie ... so by the transitive property, yes. definitely Debbie!

I somehow thought the Helen Reddy film was a documentary -- which I prefer -- and even at that I'd say she warrants a Lifetime "Intimate Portrait," at most.


In her 2006 memoir, "The Woman I Am,  Reddy wrote, "I was not surprised when I received a form letter from [MCA]'s legal department telling me that I'd been dropped from the label."

The album might have been a flop, but the Queen of Housewife Rock's messy personal life sure could sure sell magazines! Read HERE.

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JP Aragon said...

Stylish big budget video can't save that lame song- love he drummer lover story.