Monday, September 28, 2020

Remains of the Day (09/28)

Would Nonbinaryville have worked? 

Simply the best 

Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s tax debt ‘is a national security question’

Amateur or open era? 

I like this idea a lot better than his hare-brained Senate run 

Did Damian and I miss our window of opportunity for 'real' marriage? 

Revealed: Donny campaign strategy to deter millions of black Americans from voting in 2016 

The latest Times story neatly complements a previous Times scoop in 2018 which showed that, far from being a self-made man, young Donny  received $413 million from his father -- and squandered it in a series of failed deals. 

Remember: 36 days until the election, aka not a minute too soon

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