Friday, September 18, 2020

Remains of the Day (09/18)

He means business 

Poll finds Biden maintains lead with likely voters 

Totally unfair 

I will give the Falwells this -- they have VERY good taste in men 

The U.S. Postal Service is constitutionally mandated -- so WHO should be charged with sedition?  

Biden shows what a sane, decent president would do about Covid-19 

Biden said he would fact-check liar in chief during presidential debates 

Just more heartbreaking news from the West 

Imagine my surprise to find this is my friend's older brother 

FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers Thursday what everyone but the 'president' already knows: antifa is an ideology, not an organization, delivering testimony that puts him at odds with Crazy Donald, who has said he would designate it a terror group. 

Remember: The election is in 46 days and, as the FBI director reminds us, Russia is using 'drumbeat of misinformation' to undermine Biden campaign.


JP Aragon said...

I really can't wait to read "Confessions of a Cuban Pool Boy"

barryearle said...

The election has already started. Remind people to vote whenever their state's elections begin.