Friday, June 05, 2020

Will Lady G Finally Be Caught With His Pants Down? -- Updated

So by now you've probably heard the rumors going around about Sen. Lindsey Graham and rent boys. They're hardly surprising, but I must say I'm not a fan of vague posts like this. If male sex workers truly have the goods on the South Carolina Republican, 

I would hope they'd feel it's their civic duty to let the voters know the truth. (And if the call boys' allegiance is to their profession -- and respecting johns' privacy -- then I would accept that, too.) But until then we really don't need another Dan Rather/George W. Bush situation -- which could happen if nothing comes of this -- that by default "clears" Lady G of the hypocrisy it seems extremely likely he is guilty of. 

Why can’t he do it alone, afraid that he will be revealed as having been hired as a prostitute by the person he is revealing hired him as a prostitute?

In case you're unclear, Lindsey Graham's record on LGBTQ rights is ABOMINABLE. At least Aaron Schock had the decency TO BE HOT.


As feared, someone posted a "tell all" about a paid encounter with Lindsey Graham -- only it was a fake. Although it was obviously a parody to me, it wasn't to many others. The author later removed the piece and apologized -- and ended it on a funny note -- but this is the opposite of helpful, creating the impression that the whole thing is just a plot to take down a "good" man. Guys: Put up or shut.


Mark said...

I sure hope these guys start spilling everything! I just can't believe there was an amount of money SEVERAL guys found worth it to have sex with that vile pig! Come on guys- make it worth it! (there's always GoFundMe if the Lady sues! You'll make more money than you did banging her! I'll donate! )

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s apparently about the non disclosures. They are afraid Lady G will sue. He has a history and the one porn star coming forward unfortunately is a bottom, and Lindsey is up for primary next week. Maybe that’s what Trump has on him that makes him such a homophobe , you realize he would be a big prize but there are dozens of other sexually parasitic politicians.

Anonymous said...

Go fund me takes a cut!

Unknown said...

I just don't get it though. If Lindsey Graham sued them, wouldn't he just be acknowledging that he did hire them or have some sort of relationship with them? Aren't civil complaints partly filed publicly? If they are, it seems that any male escort would win that game of chicken.