Sunday, June 14, 2020

Don’t Skip ‘First Period’

Damian and I are a little late to the party. But we finally watched Brandon Alexander’s “First Period” on Amazon Prime Friday night and haven’t stopped smiling yet. He and Dudley Beene are hilarious as high school misfits Cassie and Maggie. And a smart script and cute boys make this teen comedy sendup a joy from beginning to end! 

Brandon with Jack Plotnick

Leigh Wakeford and Lauren Rose Lewis

 Michael Turchin


uptonking said...

I watched this awhile back. There are a number of similar offerings on Netflix. All reasonably good, a few good laughs. Of note: Willam Belli's Dead Don't Die in Dallas. Funny and effectively scary. The production values are a bit suspect, but Willam carries the day. said...

“I’ll give you a basic reading.”
“Ugh . . . I hate reading.”
“No, no. She’s going to read us.”
“Oooh, gurrrrl ...”