Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Yes Sliding Scale

I was planning to not dignify this nonsense any further, but this one is begging for a response: 

Hugging people and (having someone suspiciously escalate her hugging story to) finger-banging are hardly the same thing, no matter what Minnie Driver told you.



Edgar_Carpenter said...

I remember the church ladies hugging everyone when I was a kid, and the church men hugging people less, but a lot too. It was just normal behavior, with no sexual subtext.

If you come from one of the U.S. communities where people normally have a lot of non-sexual physical contact, you're going to shock the people who come from don't-touch communities. Both exist, both think the others are crazy.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I try very hard to think of Tara Reade as a victim, I never looked at the physical person. Now Since the news and internet has put her face on display, I see the eyes of someone who has lost at everything she has ever done . Not because she is a victim but because she blames everyone for her failures and can’t substantiate her injuries. As for Minnie Driver, she is right Matt Damon doesn’t have a leg to stand on defending Louis C.K. But this has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Biden, and his schmaltzy personality. He called and calls his son , Honey . It’s not a contrast of two personalities , some people are naturally affectionate, not necessarily a sin unless you hug the wrong person. The list of rules for existing as a socially correct straight white male , are daunting. In the same way inappropriate touching shouldn’t be tolerated ,
touching is not a reason to be disqualified from society. Touching is not “ finger banging” , but maybe social distancing will solve the problem for all the touch a phobics. What a lonely world we will have!