Monday, May 04, 2020

Song of the Day: 'I'm the Only One' by the Rockats

Here's an unexpected treat that popped up on my Go-Go's Facebook page -- a rare demo of "I'm the Only One," a song Kathy Valentine wrote with then-boyfriend Danny B. Harvey (way to go, girl) and friend Carlene Carter for KV's beau's band, the Rockats. 

What was apparently intended to appear on the rockabilly boys' 1983 LP, "Make That Move," instead wound up on "Talk Show," the third and final album by the Go-Go's during their first incarnation. The Rockats never achieved the success of peers like the Stray Cats. But they were every bit as fun, as demonstrated here.

Rockats demo.

The Go-Go's rehearse their version on Cinemax's "Album Flash." 

Word is Belinda isn't a fan of the song -- it isn't very Go-Go's-like -- which seems odd given what a good fit it is for her voice.

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