Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dueling Homos

With both of us working from home, Damian and has turned the living room into his office while the bedroom is mine. We both do things that require deep concentration, so we essentially work in silence, save for an occasional "how's your day going?" or news alert. Cut to 10 minutes ago.

"Turn your TV on ... RIGHT NOW!!!!!" 

Damian never has the television on during the day -- turns out he'd turned it on because of eye strain so wanted to have something to focus on for a few minutes(!) -- so I knew if he was commenting on what he was seeing it must be something monumental. As you can see, a bearded Eric Swalwell in a tight shirt was the cause for the panic, which happened at the exact same moment I hysterically discovered this photo of Benoit Paire. "Oh, my God! Benoit's in Speedo or pulling up his swimsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm assuming with this hitherto-unheard-of racket the neighbors have already alerted the authorities. 

Eric immediately landed on Room Rater, although strangely they didn't say a word about how that blue shirt makes his eyes pop. 


grapecherry said...

I can't get enough of Room Rater. My guilty shade pleasure.

Stephen said...

The comments on the Twitter feed are hilarious.