Tuesday, April 21, 2020

First Look at the 'Studio One Forever' Documentary

Here's a taste of the feature documentary in the works about West Hollywood through the lens of Studio One Disco (1974-1993) and its sister music venue, The Backlot. I loved GOING THERE in the late '80s (as a tourist) and early '90s (as a resident) -- it felt like L.A.'s answer to Studio 54 -- and cannot wait to see the club's complete story, beginning at the rise of disco and the gay civil-rights movement to the tragic days of the AIDS crisis that decimated our community. 

It's easy to understand why these guys didn't want to see the building torn down. 

Learn more / make a donation HERE.

Visit director Marc Saltarelli site HERE.

Bi-coastal Liza 

Save the Factory writes: The demolition has begun. The complete destruction of an LGBT National Register of Historic Places site (there are less than 15 in existence). What can be said? We fought. We fought hard. The vast majority of people wanted the building to be preserved. But another light snuffed, more darkness. Development, Politicians and Money -- the trifecta of these dark times. 

And the money still does not exist for the promised Robertson Lane complex -- that includes no money for the fake, recreation of a portion of the original Factory Building (no, there will no "preservation" as the article repeats the same developer talking points without facts).


Sean said...

Completely different discussion. Curious if you caught Ben Kesling from WSJ on Maddow tonight...

barryearle said...

I remember going to Studio One in its early days. It was often the last stop on our Saturday night tour of bars. It was like a ritual, climbing the fire escape like entrance with lots of guys. While I wasn't great in large places with lots of people, I remember dancing and spending a lot of time next to the cigarette machine (I didn't smoke) where I could strike up a conversation. I was really much more a baths person. Quicker, easier and often memorable interactions. Ah, those were the days...I think. I certainly remember them fondly.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Sean: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Porter said...

Good times in West Hollywood...so many memories starting when I was 18 going to Odyssey I couldn’t wait to be 21......if the sidewalks could talk

Rob said...

Love the VPL of the bartender in shorts.

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