Thursday, April 30, 2020

Song of the Day: 'I Promised Myself' by Nick Kamen

Although if I'm not going to buy this I'm not sure who is -- Greg, Dishy and Taffy are the only CD holdouts I know -- it's nice to see that Nick Kamen is getting the box-set treatment for his short but memorable recording career. Fans of the '80s will remember Kamen first came to prominence in a sexy Levi's commercial ('Laundrette") before focusing on a singing career. His 1987 debut arrived with a bang thanks to the help of Madonna, who with Stephen Bray wrote his debut single, "Each Time You Break My Heart." More memorable singles followed, including "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever," "Nobody Else," "‘Tell Me," "Bring Me Your Love," "Oh How Happy" and, perhaps best of all, "I Promised Myself," which was a huge hit all over Europe and later covered by Dead or Alive, the A*Teens and Basshunter.

Watch HERE.

The six-disc Cherry Hill collection features remastered versions of his four LPs -- “Nick Kamen,” “Us,” “Move Until We Fly” and “Whatever, Whenever”; extended remixes of many singles, including several making their debut on CD; 20 previously unreleased mixes; and best of all, two previously unreleased songs, "So Sad" a cover of the Everly Brothers classic; and "Right on Track," originally a million-selling ‘80s hit for The Breakfast Club.

It looks and sounds fantastic. My only quibble would be that according to an insider, there's a lot of other unreleased material in the vaults. Might have been nice to include some of that, although the two new tracks are much appreciated. Full details HERE.


martini421 said...

Thank you for posting this Ken - a lovely surprise! I have the 12" single of Each Time You Break My Heart which I still love. I thought he was a one-hit wonder and very easy on the eyes! I also liked the Madonna connection at the time. I had no idea he had one album, much less four! And I Promised Myself is very good. I need to investigate more.

Will G. said...

Am I the only one who thinks "I Promised Myself" is a ripoff of "A Little Respect"?? It's so blatant!

Stephen said...

I have never heard this. It's very nice early 90's pop. Love