Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Song of the Day: 'The Buzz' by the Pretenders

I'm on the fence about this: Is it better or worse to have a new product come out during a pandemic? One the one hand the world is ridiculously distracted. But on the other, what better time to feed the public's need for entertainment -- new movies, books, records -- than when we're all forced to stay home? With that in mind, I just stumbled upon two fantastic new songs from "Hate for Sale," Chrissie Hynde and Co.'s 11th studio album. The LP was supposed to come out on May 1 with a tour with Journey scheduled to begin on May 15. But with the live shows postponed, the album has been pushed back until July 17, which tells me they're not on board with my coronavirus theory! 

Info HERE.

Happy to see Martin Chambers is back in the band -- those two have the most tempestuous relationship since Sam and Diane -- and the other two blokes are apparently with whom she's been touring for many years since her most stable group of pretend Pretenders called it quits in the mid and late aughts. Although we're now going to have to wait until the summer to hear the whole thing, tell me "The Buzz" and the title track don't sound like they were recorded not far from East 55th and Euclid Avenue ... they're borderline precious.


Back when my friend Greg and I were making compilation albums of rarities by our favorite artists, I used to be on top of everything they put out. But I missed this little gem Chrissie recorded for a Paul McCartney tribute album, so figured I'd share it in case you had, too.

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Blobby said...

The Buzz starts off ok then kind of goes almost nowhere. The title track seems to be like something from Pretenders II.