Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Amor Fati' by Blondie

As promised, here is another demo from when Blondie began to reform in the 1990s. Original bassist and occasional guitarist Gary Valentine, who wrote and first recorded "Amor Fati" with his post-Blondie band called the Know, says Blondie cut their demo at the Hit Factory in NYC in late 1996. Chris Stein apparently wasn't around that day -- foreshadowing of Gary's eventual second firing? -- so it features Valentine on guitar and bass with Jimmy playing keyboards and producing. While I understood the band's desire to evolve, I still firmly believe Blondie has a unique sound that was not consistently captured on much of their material since reuniting. A finished version of this, however, would have been as timeless a fit on "No Exit" as it would have been on the group's eponymous debut. What a missed opportunity.

More Blondie, less Coolio

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ATANNER said...

This should have been on no exit and gary should have too, would have been much better album!