Thursday, April 30, 2020

Ex Marks the Spot

Tonight’s guest star on “Maude”: the irrepressible Carole Cook as Walter’s ex wife, Marta. Haven’t thought of her since her cigarette ash nearly destroyed breakfast in “16 Candles” ... “I’ll just open the doughnuts ... voila! Breakfast is served!"

As my friend Matt reminds us, she's 96 and made headlines a year or so ago for trashing Trump. Just had her NYC cabaret debut at at 94 -- read HERE!


Blobby said...

"oh Fred, you'l make her tinkle"

barryearle said...

I saw her in the play Father's Day at a 99-seat theatre in LA many years ago and still smile when I think about her wonderful, over-the-top performance. A comic genius. And I recently read the play and it's still funny. Time for a revival!