Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Liam Hemsworth Flaunts His Revenge Bod


As advertised, Liam Hemsworth is "harder, better and stronger" following his divorce -- those biceps! In the new issue of Men's Health Australia, he discusses rebuilding his life, and says a health scare forced him to stop being vegan. 

But what the magazine doesn't show you is that there's a third Hemsworth brother out there. Meet Luke HERE.


joepelpro said...

The three Hemsworth brothers have been blessed with the hotness gene

Hot guys said...

Never have I ever liked the 2 Hemsworth brothers.

Now... I know I dislike all 3 of them.

Just not my thing. Blue eyes, bright hair and, them.

jaragon said...

The Hensworth brothers are all blessed with the hotness gene