Monday, March 30, 2020

Red Alert

Well, this sure is haunting -- although I must say despite the Empire State Building's being visible from my corner, I have not seen this in person. So many sweet friends, readers and family members have been reaching out knowing that Damian and I are living in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, yet truthfully it's mostly things like this that really remind me. Why, you ask? I have been following the governor's orders to stay at home unless absolutely necessary so have only been outside twice in the past few weeks on late-night runs to the market. Because I'm a night owl, I rarely see that many people when shopping anyway -- so it works out nicely that social distancing is sort of baked in. The times I allow myself to look at the news I see nothing but the grim reality of it all, so think I will stick with my "business as usual (as possible)" model for now. It's keeping me sane ... for now. Stay safe (at home), everyone. xo

"A medical war zone." Read HERE.

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