Monday, March 30, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (03/30)

The Washington Post: Social-distancing guidance remain in place until end of April

Trump takes immediate step to try to curb new inspector general’s autonomy, as battle over stimulus oversight begins

Andrew Cuomo during the Covid-19 crisis is the same as ever, with one big difference: People like him

The New York Times: Medical expert who corrects Trump is now a target of the far right

Liberty University brings back its students, and coronavirus fears, too

Coronavirus slowdown in Seattle suggests restrictions are working

Trish Regan's parents are going to be the most popular people in the retirement community now that their daughter was fired from Fox for being too nutty!

The Wall Street Journal: After three coronavirus stimulus packages, Congress is already prepping phase four

Coronavirus means everyone wants jigsaw puzzles. Good luck buying one.

Coronavirus sparks a global gold rush

Hot Cat of the Day: I think I just found my dream hitting partner!

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