Thursday, February 20, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Survivor' by Cindy Bullens

Although this is exactly from my peak musical era, I only just discovered singer/songwriter Cindy Bullens via Jake Fogelnest's must-follow Instagram account, where he wrote about finding a copy of the 1979 album "Steal the Night" for $2.99 at a used-record store. I'm in love! Bullens's brand of power pop -- sounds kind of like a happier Holly Beth Vincent -- is so far up my alley I feel I'm making up for lost time each time I put her music on. After diving deep into her back catalogue -- which includes eight solo LPs and two with the Refugees -- I then learned that Bullens has since transitioned from Cindy to Cidny, and is preparing to release an album inspired by his journey. (I got an early copy; more on that TK.)  

Until then, Cid wrote a great piece for the Daily Beast in 2012 that details his rather fascinating life, which includes touring with Elton John (as his "girlfriend"); working with Bob Dylan; the Wrecking Crew; three contributions to the "Grease" soundtrack; a lavender wedding that produced two daughters, one of whom died tragically young; and writing and performing a one-man show that led him to the love of his life. Hope you enjoy this flashback as much as I do ...

And look at this photo!

Bullens's first single.

A sweet chat with Dick Clark.

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