Friday, February 07, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Mayor of Simpleton' by XTC

Not sure if it's because I am one episode away from having recently watched all nine seasons of "The Office" or  not, but I'm getting a serious Dwight Schrute vibe off the great Andy Partridge in this clip!


John Mundy said...

I’m more a fan of their early 80's material. “Black Sea” and “English Settlement” are each almost perfect albums from start to finish. They should have been much bigger here in the states. Interesting trivia: XTC guitarist Dave Gregory played on Peter Gabriel’s third album, another near perfect piece of music. Those were the days!

grapecherry said...

FirstWave (Sirius XM's New Wave station) plays a few XTC hits, including this one. Always a pleasant and uplifting experience. Except for "Dear God."