Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Charred 'Remains'

Hey! As regular readers may have noticed, my Remains of the Day roundup has disappeared from my blog. My schedule at my "day job" changed recently, so I no longer have the right time to be able to compile it. As a result, I have been including additional headlines in my Page 1 Roundup, which used to be primarily for news from broadsheets. If things change, I plan to bring "Remains" back. But for now, please look at my morning roundup for lots of fun stuff. I'm writing this because my best friend informed me that he only recently figured this change out -- he just thought I'd abandoned "Remains" -- since he normally views my site on mobile mode and used to skip over Page 1 because he was already reading all of the dailies on his own. 


Edgar_Carpenter said...

I'm a daily reader, and I seriously appreciate your roundups. Whenever you can do them, I'll be happy with it. They're a good mix of interesting things - I can't handle some of my former favorite sites which have become all Trump all the time, which is understandable but not good for my sanity.

Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

Rix said...

Hasn't it been a few weeks like that?

Roundup Fan said...

That’s too bad. I really enjoy it!