Thursday, January 16, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Page of Cups' by Maria McKee

From the Lone Justice chanteuse's upcoming LP, "La Vita Nuova." (This one's better than the album's first release, "Effigy of Salt.")  

I have so much love and affection for Maria. But I must confess it has been a little uncomfortable watching her middle-age transition into queerdom. I'm thrilled she is finally being her authentic self -- she's recently become obsessed with movies about cults ... wonder why -- and her desire to help the greater LGBTQ community is admirable. (Her goal for 2020 is starting a nonprofit to fund facial-feminization surgery.) But she's so earnest and ANGRY at times she almost reminds me of Jerri Blank, if Jerri had been a pop star who went back to school as the wokest member of Gen Z. Can't wait for the new album. It seems like it's even more Broadway than her last two -- very Alice Ripley!


As I was saying ...

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Blobby said...

yay. i had NO idea she had anything on the horizon.