Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Hot Shot' by Karen Young

While revisiting Blondie's "No Exit" recently, I listened to a bonus track from it I'd only heard once or twice before. The song is called "Hot Shot" and I discovered it was originally a No. 1 Dance hit for Karen Young back in 1978. What I found most interesting is that Karen -- who died young of a bleeding ulcer at just 39 in 1991 -- was known for her scatting, something I often criticize Debbie Harry for borderline doing during her concerts, mainly because it seems like she's doing it more out of boredom and forgetfulness than as an artistic expression! ("One way baby, now!!!!)  Might this be why she chose to cover it?

A few interesting things about this video: It's labeled as containing "paid promotion," although I'm not exactly sure who paid. Was it FuzzyMemories.TV, whose banner is across the bottom? The mall where part of the clip was filmed, complete with Karen and her backup dancers? Or Elaine Powers Figure Salons(!), whose ads inexplicably appear onscreen a couple times? And what show are those kids -- who seem ambivalent at best about being there -- dancing on?! Whatever the case, you're sure to enjoy this one!

Audio of the Blondie version, which appeared on the Japanese version of "No Exit" and some CD singles from the LP.

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Jack said...

Hot Shot! I remember that song. I used to go to a teen club called 'Disco Trek' almost every Saturday night. I'm sure they used to play Hot Shot there. Might also have heard it on KFMX radio in Minneapolis.

On Sunday nights they had a Teen Night at 'First Avenue' (then called 'Sam's' or 'Uncle Sam's'). First Avenue is where Prince got his start. I saw the Ramone's, Blondie and the Go-Go's there.