Friday, January 31, 2020

But Will Voters Connect the Dots?

Want to believe Republicans will pay for this in November, but a lot can happen between then and now. (And voters are notoriously bad at circling the square.) From "he did nothing wrong" and "no quid pro quo" to "he committed an impeachable offense but we don't feel like doing anything about it." It's a Grand Old Party, all right ...

Can we at least get a f**king censure????

 RIP, democracy

Republican Lamar Alexander of Tennessee also thinks the House managers proved their case, yet is doing nothing about it.


Blobby said...

I am going to lose a LOT of money this upcoming election season(s), as I give as much as I legally can to all of these asshole's opponents. Collins . voted for - knowing it wouldn't pass, but so she can save face, which is even a bigger slap in the face. I'm so pissed today.

Sean said...

Me too bud. Im feeling like we live in alternative universe where there is no logic. And we're eating our own for stupid PC reasons.

Dave in Texas said...

Maybe we will have a clearer picture after Iowa but honestly, I’m not feeling good about November at all.

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