Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Fading Like a Flower' by Roxette

A slightly-older-than-me colleague asked if I had any idea who "that Swedish singer who died" was on the home page. I, of course, knew. But after thinking of Roxette as a few-hit wonder, something told me they were probably much bigger internationally than I realized ... and Wikipedia showed I was right. (They were so ‘80s that the ‘90s waited two years to really get going!) RIP, Marie Fredriksson. Reading that she battled cancer for 17 years was heartbreaking -- but not nearly as sad as reading she had died at just 61. 


You may recall that I heard Roxette's greatest hits (en Espanol) while I was in Argentina -- where I just read the "Joyride" LP remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time!

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