Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Remains of the Day (12/03)

Washington Post: A former copy editor fought to defend the apostrophe -- now he admits "ignorance and laziness" have won

Instagram: Chris Hemsworth in a wet dress shirt

The New York Times: Gray Lady ranks the best TV of 2019 and it sounds like I'm watching all the right shows (for me)

WSJ: Stores are offering smaller loaves of bread, in part to suit people living alone, a demographic that comprises nearly one-third of U.S. households

Towleroad: Two people I've never heard of drop out of 2020 presidential race

Behind the Racquet: Bobby Blair rose through the ranks of junior tennis terrified his sexuality would be found out -- and 40 years later there still hasn't been an out player on the ATP Tour

The New Yorker: The best books of 2019

USA Today: I'm very sad that the Newseum will close at the end of the year

AL: Alabama evangelist Acton Bowen pleads guilty to 28 sex crimes

Blade and Blue: Sexiest underwear ad of the year?

Associated Press: San Diego zoo announces birth of white rhino

Gr8er Days: Pretty boy Dan Gauthier -- famous for his 1984 torn-wifebeater poster -- turns 56

Gothamist: Empire State Building completes $165 million revamp with new observatory

GCN: A bottom's own story: Brazilian man exposes himself to the most intimate of scrutiny

Interview: Debbie Harry had an unrealized disco cover of "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Greg in Hollywood: YouTube hunk Andrew Neighbors tries on a Borat-style swimsuit (it works)

Hot Cat of the Day: Sylvester would prefer you not read while he's in the room ...

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jaragon said...

Mr Hemsworth never dissapoints