Thursday, November 21, 2019

Remains of the Day (11/21)

Bay Area Reporter: San Francisco nonprofit to be AIDS quilt steward

YouTube: The Gronk shakes his groove thing in a slinky Lakers uniform

Washington Post: A rape kit wasn’t tested for 23 years. Police just matched the DNA — to a man suspected all along.

Rock Cellar: Debbie Harry on writing her new memoir, Blondie’s old days in NYC and her view of the world (interview by a college mate of mine!)

Towleroad: Jury awards gay spouse of deceased smoker $157.4 million in suit against Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds

YouTube: Hard to believe this 1975 photo of Elton John, Billie Jean King and Cary Grant wasn't shot in a closet

BosGuy: He wears short shorts

Wired: How the photographer got that shot of Trump's insane notes

Literary Hub: Congratulations to National Book Foundation lifetime honoree Edmund White

Page Six: Kathie Lee Gifford is about to have a hot son-in-law

Back2Stonewall: Gay employee comes out, his salary was cut in half to be equal with other "females in the office" then fired

The Arizona Republic: Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers announce reunion tour

Boy Culture: Mesh shirt, barely there undies

The Randy Report: Third federal judge blocks Trump’s anti-LGBTQ "conscience protection" rule. Time for Brett to get out his rubber stamp.

Greg in Hollywood: Ronan Farrow: "The LGBTQ+ community is such a wonderful one to be a part of"

The New Yorker: How carob traumatized a generation

Dlisted: Jussie Smollett has the biggest balls in Chicago

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jaragon said...

I bet you Gronk is a lot of fun in bed