Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Road of Unintended Consequences

After the latest debate, multiple outlets are reporting that Democratic strategists are now nervous that none of the 2020 candidates are "the one" -- most notably that some of the frontrunners are "too progressive." My first thought was this might carve an opening for Amy Klobuchar or Mayor Pete, who seemed to capitalize on their more centrist views. But if this latest CNN poll is any indication, the Medicare-for-All fallout seems to have instead given Joe Biden a bump. No one's voted and anything could still happen. But for me, this is not where I wanted to see this go.


barryearle said...

Didn't the polls say Hilary was a definitely going to win? I skip over the polls because unless the candidate has the strategy to win both the popular and the Electoral College (which is where Trump beat Hilary), the polls are meaningless. I am still surprised that Bill and Hilary didn't figure this out. Maybe they believed the polls to the country's detriment.

Anonymous said...

So who is your optimal candidate?

jaragon said...

If they do not pick a candidate that can connect to the middle of the country we are headed for Hillary Chapter 2