Monday, October 21, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/21)

TSR: Jesus. Who do I have to threaten to get a "hug" from this guy?

The Atlantic: I sure wish Mitt Romney would use his position in the Senate to remove our illegitimate "president" instead of wasting his time with a (not so) secret Twitter account

Instagram: This guy's Speedo has me feeling incredibly patriotic

THR: Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston arrested during climate-change protest in D.C. 

YouTube: Why telling your parents you have a "partner" can be trouble 

The WoW Report: Hillary trolls Trump with hilarious JFK spoof that mocks his embarrassing letter to Erdogan

Boy Culture: The great Bill Macy, who played Maude’s third husband, is dead at 97

The New York Times: Northern Ireland set to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage

Facebook: What is some exciting Jaymes Vaughn news?

TMZ: Rosario Dawson and parents sued by transgender man claiming assault

The New Yorker: Trump's ignorance of the world has never been so blatant -- or produced such bipartisan opposition

Dlisted: Open post hosted by this bear politely waving

WSJ: What does it take to get people to the mall? Drag queens, racy circus acts and disco parties

New York Post: FCC scrutiny puts Gannett-New Media merger in jeopardy

Greg in Hollywood: Happy (belated) birthday to the great Martina Navratilova! 

Gr8er Days: Behold George Nader's hairy chest

Towleroad: Disgraced former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock can't keep his nose clean (link fixed)

The Randy Report: Chris Hemsworth's shirtless workout's gonna make you sweat

Hot Cat of the Day: Give this cat a Tony!

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