Thursday, October 03, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/03)

InnerSplendor: "Misery" prequel series is coming this month and the first trailer is here

Instagram: Is there any chance Aaron Schock isn't taking steroids?

The Wow Report: Watch Damiana and her gal pal Janet’s new morning chat show “Dami & Janet”

Washington Post: To David Chang, the "ethnic" food aisle is racist. Others say it's convenient.

Back2Stonewall: The life and death of Rock Hudson, and his impact on the AIDS epidemic

USA Today: The Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are lobbying against child abuse statutes. This is their playbook

Sun-Sentinel: South Florida trans teen delays start at Harvard University, saying she needs time to "refocus and recenter"

Greg in Hollywood: Looks like Billie Jean King had a wonderful night in Brooklyn with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton celebrating "Gutsy Women"

WSJ: Headed to Dublin? Here are four fun souvenirs to pick up, including a venerable whiskey and crystal tumblers

Instagram: Too bad Ryan Harrison didn't include an X-ray of his Republican schlong 

The Stranger: Despite demands from County Council, Seattle Theatre Group declines to cancel Al Franken

The Village Voice: Funny to read Lester Bangs's glowing 1977 review of Blondie's debut, especially knowing how he later turned on the band!

Yahoo: The Cotton gin continues, with Josie revealing on the radio that Nicolas Cage hit on her on the set of "Valley Girl"

KIT212: Hottest meme you'll ever see

The Randy Report: Anti-gay Todd Starnes fired from Fox News

Towleroad: Man sues Apple claiming his iPhone made him gay. (I'll give you one guess what country he's from.)

Dlisted: Got my hopes up when I read sexy Stiffler got married to an "interior decorator"

Boy Culture: Brogan's barely there pink briefs

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