Thursday, September 26, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/26)

Daily News: Blockbuster whistleblower report accuses Trump of "soliciting" interference in 2020 vote and cover up of damning Ukraine call

Los Angeles Times: Trump at private breakfast: "Who gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s almost a spy"(!)

Instagram: Hottest ass ever?

NewNowNext: 8 totally rad 1980s fitness hunks who totally made us gay

Washington Post: Egypt planned to arrest a New York Times reporter. The Trump administration reportedly wanted to let it happen.

NPR: Pentagon letter undercuts Trump assertion on delaying aid to Ukraine over corruption

Time: They looks good, but not so sure about them and them

Gay Mag: Song of My Asshole: A lyrical guide to healing one’s sexually inflicted wounds

AP: Al Franken to return to radio (and the public eye) with weekly SiriusXM show; will his first guest be Kirsten Gillibrand?

NBC News: Meet the real welfare queens of America (ICYMI)

Instagram: Most adorable joey ever

The New York Times: 87-year-old killed her disabled grandson with overdose, police say

New York Post: Brooklyn soccer coach gets four years for molesting 9-year-old boy

The Smoking Gun: Florida teen attacks relatives at dinner table over tomatoes

Deadline: "Thirtysomething" sequel series from Marshall Herskovitz, Ed Zwick and MGM in the works

Truth Out: Alaska’s sea ice completely melted earlier than ever before (ICYM)

Gr8erdays: One hell of a fleshbeck starring John Ericson

Page Six: Matt Lauer sexual harassment accusers to tell all in Ronan Farrow book

Hot Cat of the Day: "How fun -- she even brought a toy!"


Myk said...

re: Hottest Ass Ever? My vote is still with Pietro Boselli.

Sean said...

After the political events this week, is there anyone who can post a reassuring comment that the Orange Menace is about to go away? Ill take anything at this point. Im tired of consuming covfefe and hamberders for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

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