Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/10)

The Sun: British tabloid is fixated on Eddie Murphy's long-ago relationship with a transgender prostitute

Towleroad: Gay couple receive anonymous letter telling them the "consensus of the village" is that they should take their wedding elsewhere

MetroWeekly: Interfaith leaders in California support Drag Queen Story Hour against anti-LGBTQ protest

NBC News; Buffoon who is unfit to be in office fires buffoon who shouldn't have had job in first place; buffoon 2 says he resigned

Dlisted: A 73-year-old Indian woman gave birth to twins, and then her husband had a stroke

Instagram: Let's call it Thong Tuesday

GQ: Kevin Love plays dress up

Metrosource: This is the state of marriage equality around the world

Instagram: Vitas Gerulaitis barking up the wrong tree at Studio 54

Washington Blade: 2020 hopefuls highlight Medicare for All, PrEP in plans to combat HIV/AIDS

Greg in Hollywood: How did I miss a very dapper Matt Bomer at the U.S. Open

Rhone: Dress shirt porn?

The Guardian: Do we have a male Rachel Dolezal situation?

Slicing Up Eyeballs: New releases from the Cult, Pixies, INXS, Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge and Rain Parade

The WoW Report: Tight black briefs -- and crack -- are one way to sell music

The Randy Report: CIA informant extracted from Russia had sent secrets to U.S. for decades

Daily Intel: Trump has figured out how to corrupt the entire government

Boy Culture: The three most popular gay-sex toys

Hot Cat of the Day: This interspecies relationship is on a knead-to-know basis only.


Blobby said...

Like Gus, Kevin can wear whatever he'd like.........or not.

jaragon said...

Blobby is right- and Thong Tuesday probably gets lots of tips...