Tuesday, September 10, 2019

People Bid(s) Valerie Harper Goodbye

Some members of the Mary Tyler Moore group I belong to on Facebook have been expressing dismay that Valerie Harper only got a refer instead of the cover of People magazine, as Mary had when she died. But after being greeted with a few blank stares by even some Gen Xers at work when I said we should run Valerie’s obituary, I’m just happy she’s out front at all.

Valerie Harper Laid to Rest in L.A. as Daughter Gives Speech During Funeral (2019)

Enjoy other times Rhoda was the celebrity bible’s cover girl -- and Mary's goodbye -- below .. 

Rhoda’s Revenge (1980)

With trainer-cum-husband Tony Cacciotti

Dick Schaal, Valerie's first husband about whom she writes very lovingly in her “I, Rhoda,” memoir, played four different characters on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”: Howard Arnell, his brother Paul, Chuckles the Clown and Dino; three characters on “The Bob Newhart Show”: Carol’s boyfriend with the bad feet named Don Fezler (aka Dr. Scholl); Don Livingston and Chuck Brock; one on “Rhoda” (as Charlie Burke); before becoming a regular on “Phyllis” season one, as the dimwitted photographer Leo Heatherton. Schaal died in 2014.

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