Monday, September 23, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (09/23)

Chanel Miller was ‘shocked’ Brock Turner was only sentenced to six months in jail

The Atlantic: I've admitted it before and I'll admit it again: I was wrong to support Nancy Pelosi as speaker because if this isn't impeachable, then we ought to amend the Constitution to no longer have it be an option

The Washington Post: ‘We’ve been very weak’: House Democrats decry their oversight of Trump, push Pelosi on impeachment

John Keenan, detective who led "Son of Sam" search in New York, dies at 99

Man drowns after underwater marriage proposal

The New York Times: As Trump confirms he discussed Biden with Ukrainian president, pressure to impeach builds; Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned of a “new chapter of lawlessness” and a turning point in the House investigation of Trump

Media heiress with supportive family uses trust fund to pull herself out of largely self-inflicted mess

Michelle Goldberg: Roy Cohn is how we got Trump

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