Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Day the Music Died

THIS is such a great question, one I feel fortunate to have several answers for.

Kirsty MacColl (1993)
The B-52s with Ricky Wilson (1983)
INXS with Michael Hutchence (1984)
 Let’s Active with Faye Hunter and Sara Romweber (1984)
Whitney Houston (1999)
Donna Summer (2008)

What about you?


Jeffery said...

David Bowie doing Ziggy Stardust February 1973 at the Tower Theater Upper Darby Pa. no idea what was going to happen. Pleasantly stoned when the show blasted off. Never saw anything like again.

BosGuy said...

Prince - 1989, Love Sexy Tour

Kevin W said...

David Bowie – twice in the 80's
Talk Talk in '86

Jack said...

The Ramones
(Both seen in the early 80's at First Avenue in Minneapolis).

Bill Carter said...

Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, in the concert tour that came long after everyone had become resigned to the idea that he'd never perform live again.

Pete Shelley and the Buzzcocks. Twice, at the original 9:30 club.

Bruce Springsteen at Capitol Center.

Lou Reed, at DAR (!) Constitution Hall.

Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, at RFK Stadium on a blisteringly hot day in the late 1980s, when ~80% of the 50,000 people in the audience were shirtless males in their 20s. I think there was some sort of musical performance, too.

Game Theory, in San Francisco and DC. The band that mattered most to me for a long, long time.

PS I saw the great Let's Active a lot, including one night at a short-lived little place on 15th Street in DC when the band celebrated Mitch Easter's birthday. I got a piece of cake.

Skupe said...

Showing my age, but Ella Fitzgerald and the Modern Jazz Quartet at Tanglewood.

Billdp said...

Janis Joplin Winterland 1969
David Bowie MSG 1983
Grateful Dead with Jerry Garcia
Jefferson Airplane with Marty Balin & Paul Kantner
Out of left field: Totie Fields
OK, I'm showing my age too.

Myk said...

I don't want to be the rain on this parade, but - Artur Rubenstein. (Don't judge!)

Stephen said...

The Cars with Ben Orr