Thursday, August 08, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Prisoner (Love Theme From Eyes of Laura Mars)' by Barbra Streisand

Who remembers this one, which peaked at No. 21 back in 1978? A Barbra aficionado tells me that she "pacified [then-lover] Jon Peters for passing on acting in "Eyes of Laura Mars" -- about coke-fueled NYC without the coke -- by recording that amazing song!" Faye Dunaway, of course, wound up stepping in when Barbra opted to exit the project. Who do you think would have made a better Laura Mars?


TominMN said...

I bought the 45 and played it all the time. Nails the emotion of being obsessed with someone. Jane Fonda could have elevated the role, but Faye was good.

jaragon said...

Faye is great in a scary movie co-starring a young hot Tommy Lee Jones. It's also a very gay movie.

Craig said...

It's a fantastic song. The way she holds those looong, loud notes! Also, it brings a smile to my face that the lyrics seem to have been inspired simply by glancing at the movie poster. "I just see eyes," Barbra might have complained. "A light shines from her eyes. How am I supposed to sings bout that?!"