Friday, August 09, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' by Roslyn Kind

I haven't even gotten through the entire Barbra Streisand catalogue -- "Guilty," "Emotion" and "Superman" are my three favorite albums so far! -- but my curiosity got the better of me when I realized her half-sister's two late 1960s albums were also on Spotify. (I've surmised she was dropped by her label after they bombed -- being a famous singer's sister can only get you so far -- then self-released another one in 1994.) It didn’t take long before I discovered the delightful "Make Your Own Kind of Music" -- which sounds like you took Batbra and threw her in a blender with Petula Clark, Lulu and the Mamas (sans Papas) . It couldn't have been easy trying to be a singer in that shadow, which my Barbra dealer unkindy explained this way:
We saw Roslyn Kind at Below 54 a few years ago -- it's fascinating how she certainly sounds like Barbra's sister yet without the innate charisma or magic. We met her afterwards and she was very sweet, which was nice. I wish she would right her memoirs -- what a strange life to be Barbra's sister!

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