Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/27)

Twitter: I'd do the exact same thing if I saw Feliciano Lopez changing his shirt

The Daily News: Walmart shopper arrested for following woman around the store in an electric cart while pleasuring himself

Far Out: Listen to Debbie Harry’s incredible isolated vocal track on Blondie’s "Call Me"

Instagram: Did anyone else notice Andy Murray and porn star Austin Wolf are both in Mallorca?

Tennis: Wishing Ernesto Escobedo -- who won the U.S. Open wildcard challenge -- good luck in his first-round match at the Open today. Coach Jan-Michael Gambill will be there cheering him on

Boy Culture: No need to pile on an apologetic Lara Spencer, but this guy is cute
Instagram: What exactly is this kid packing?

Washington Post: Now begins the biggest challenge of the Amazon fires: Putting them out

Dlisted: Does anyone know if Harvey Weinstein has finally stopped raping women?

The Randy Report: CNN chats with Emmy-nominated Randy Rainbow

WSJ: I was a fan of Noah Rubin's Behind the Racquet series on Instagram until he revealed he's "close" friends with Tennys Sandgren, whom he describes as being "thoughtful and intelligent"

Baseline: Althea Gibson sculpture pays tribute to legend

Reason: Everybody suddenly realizes the Supreme Court is about to hear an important LGBT issue

Greg in Hollywood: “Queer as Folk” cast members reunited over the weekend for a good cause!

The WoW Report: Because we can never get enough of Joan Collins

Metrosource: Tennis fan? You’ll love this look at life beyond the baseline


WilD said...

re: HCotD: Where would you keep him, and is he house-broken? (Yes, I'm talking about the cop.)

The Polar Beast said...

Jerry Smith is one of the greatest players of his generation and yet he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame. One wonders if his sexual orientation has kept him from being honored.

The Polar Beast said...

Regarding HCotD: I'm sure someone has space in their dungeon for this guy.

demc7 said...

Is this why JM Gambill is still in the closet? Not even ATP coaches can come out????

Sean said...

Hes not in a closet. #sosadforyou

demc7 said...

I haven't heard an announcement....#f'offanddie!

demc7 said...

PLUS....JMG DENIED being gay publicly- because of that, he should issue a statement AND an apology!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@demc7: Did he publicly deny it?