Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/14)

The Randy Report: People are cheering on hunky Chris Cuomo for going after a rightwing troll, but I'm wondering why he'd even give the guy the satisfaction of a reaction

Newsweek: Gay penguin couple adopt abandoned egg at Berlin Zoo

ICYMI: Apparently Queerty finally got around to covering Aaron Schock's leaked instant messages, which I wrote about two months ago

Instagram: You don't have to be Catholic to observe Ass Wednesday 

Baseline: Simona Halep gets video-bombed by Stan Wawrinka

Towleroad: Arizona county supervisor Ron Gould, who looks like a Castro clone, says "sinful" gay people die young because of their sexual orientation

The New York Times: Henri Belolo, a founder of the Village People, dies at 82

Instagram: Apologies for the bad Nyle DiMarco link yesterday -- but this should make it up to you

Project Q: Pete Buttigieg returns to Atlanta for big gay fundraiser

The WoW Report: Missy Elliot to receive MTV video award named after alleged child molester (Wade Robeson responds)

PinkNews: Non-binary teacher gives unicorn graphic to help explain gender identity

TV Line: Am I going to have to watch Anna Kendrick's HBO Max rom-com just for this mustache?

Louder: Watch trailer for new Suzi Quatro documentary

Outsports: U.S. Open will host Open Pride, featuring out athletes and more

MetroSource: 24 outdoor restaurants in NYC you need to try

Greg in Hollywood: Weatherman Sam Champion celebrates 58th birthday with (shirtless) breakfast in bed

Washington Blade: LGBT advocates raise alarm over "facial recognition" technology ... even though we already have gay-face recognition

OMG Blog: Watch people who always feel like they're modeling 

Hot Kitties of the Day: If I were 20 years younger ...

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unpackedthoughts said...

Maybe Cuomo reacted because someone was harassing him while he was out with his family? Not hard to figure out the motivation there. Especially when he (and the rest of CNN) get pilloried by angry right-wingers every day.