Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (08/06)

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James H said...

It isn't guns, it isn't video games.. Its our culture, what it has become. If it were video games, Japan would be a nightmare, as there are many violent video games there, as well as comics (manga), and anime. The thing is, the Japanese still hold on to things culturally, that the west has completely thrown out, and replaced with garbage. Guns, no guns- as long as our culture continues to go down the crapper- we will continue to see mass killing.. These people who do this, are basically committing suicide, but want the world to see them, to know who they are, and in their rage- take as many with them as they can.. Our current culture/society fails young people, ESPECIALLY young males- who are forgotten a lot, and now in this culture of trashing masculinity (males)- feel hated, wrong, or awkward on a massive level.

Then there is the mental illness issue.. We ignore it, so many are afraid to tell someone, when someone is showing clear signs. Along with that, our government isn't even enforcing the new gun laws it has created. Nobody is buying guns, from gun shows to do these shootings.. MOST of the guns have traces to other countries, like Turkey- where many Islamic fascist, get their guns, to do their killing in Europe. Gun dealing is done in South America, and make their way up to United States, with the drug cartels- who are also working with Islamic fascist. Yes there have been shooters who have bought their guns legally, but again this is just proof that the government is failing to enforce its own laws. One shooter in Texas, who was former Air Force, had domestic violence issues, was showing some very disturbing signs.. The government never followed its laws when he bought his gun to do his crime. The very same with the Florida shooter, but it was worse.. Before he even bought the gun, people had been calling the FBI, and showing his Facebook/Twitter/Youtube post of him saying what he wanted to do.. Nothing happened, this was a failure both federal, and local.. Blaming the NRA is rubbishing, blaming guns is rubbish.

We also have parents who just do not pay attention to their kids either.. In every one of these incidents, when we finally hear from the parents or usually parent.. It is always the same from em.. "I didn't know".. I believe them 100% when they say this, because most parents just don't ever sit with their kids, talk with them see what is going on in their world, what's going on in their head.

Before this shooting, in Chicago aka "Chiraq" 39 people died.. Did it make national news? Nope, that is because politicians do not care. Why? Because we'd have to talk about the REAL issues going on in these Democrat owned, and operated areas, along with the fact that these elite leftist can't gain any political points from it, and don't care about it, since its not anywhere they'll be near.. But when it happens in areas they could be, then its a problem, now we must do something about gun control- its BS really all of it.. I'm no fan of Trump, but I found it pathetic, and typical- the 2020 clowns came out blaming it on him, calling him a white supremacist... Doing the exact shit, the other shooter (the one who killed Muslims) wanted- as he stated in his manifesto, he wanted leftist to clash with the right, to cause chaos.