Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Carol & Friends

Cass Elliot and Bernadette Peters popped up the other night on “As the Stomach Turns,” with Harvey Korman as Canoga Falls’ leading underground filmmaker, Randy Wahoo. Pretty sure the syndicated version of “The Carol Burnett Show” scrimped on the earlier seasons -- and I was only alive to watch the later ones -- so we’re loving the “Laugh-In” vibe and extra helpings of Lyle Waggoner!

Also have been enjoying all of Nanette Fabray's appearances -- she was the original Tim Conway!

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Bart said...

The syndicated "Carol Burnett & Friends" (which has been in syndication since 1977) only included the last 5 seasons of TCBS (1973-1978). The version of "The Carol Burnett Show" currently being broadcast on ME-TV are the 'lost' episodes (the first six seasons - 1967-1973) whittled down to 23 minutes. These shows were not included in the original syndicated run because the rights to those seasons were not held by Miss Burnett.