Friday, July 05, 2019

San Francisco Days, San Francisco Nights

We made it here. Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

Who knew it would be so foggy here? 😜

Coitus, interruptus ...

Crooked smile 

We’re mostly staying with Damian’s sister on a horse farm in Marin County, hoping to enjoy some outdoor activities this time in town!


Rix said...

Who knew it would be foggy and cold in July? Samuel Clemens for one :).

Unknown said...

Ah, got to love a Chris Isaak header.

Congratulations on your letter being published in the latest "Rolling Stone" (Halsey cover). It has to be you!

Have a good SF holiday!

David K said...

how about that Coco Gauff? wow, great comeback

Unknown said...

Will we see you at Joan Jett concert Saturday night in Marin...?