Thursday, July 18, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/18)

NBC News: Teen brother of Sandy Hook school shooting victim to run for public office

Axios: U.S. deficit grew 77% in first quarter of 2019

Instagram: Jockstraps are for jump pages

Towleroad: GOP congressman dismisses Trump’s racist rant, says he’s a "person of color" because he’s white

NYT Magazine: She wanted to know what white men thought about their privilege, so she asked

Boy Culture: Nick Robinson of "Love, Simon" fame will be making his Broadway debut in 2019

Showbiz 411: Woody Allen’s delayed “A Rainy Day in New York” set for opening in 16 countries, beginning end of month

MSNBC: Wait, I thought Trump “doesn’t know” Jeffrey Epstein

Back2Stonewall: American Airlines and others companies under fire for donating to anti-LGBT Republicans

Twitter: Official first couch photo of Season 3 of the “Will & Grace” reboot

The Randy Report: White security guard in Ohio pulls gun on black uniformed sheriff's deputy

People: Kathy Griffin reflects on feud with Andy Cohen: “He treated me like a dog”

New York Post: He went from cop to opioid drug dealer in one month

Gothamist: How much would you pay to own Philip Roth's typewriter?

EW: Jonathan Groff is still adorable

Queerty: Distinguished professor and leading HIV expert ensnared in cocaine-fueled sexual misconduct scandal

TVLine: Sexual-assault case against Kevin Spacey brought by young man dropped

Dlisted: “Super Size Me 2” is coming out, even after Morgan Spurlock admitted to sexual misconduct

1 comment:

Rix said...

Fire arms, even on a LEO, are not allowed in federal offices unless they are on a call. The deputy was doing a personal errand, and refused to disarm before entering the office.

That being said the guard over reacted, but the deputy is in the wrong here.